Who is Columbia Strong?

Columbia strong is an organization led by community leaders who volunteered to help the community recover from the devastating tornado of December 23, 2014. It is our mission to restore community and rebuild lives.

What do we do?

We exist to help accomplish the following: Coordination of volunteers Coordination of Donated Goods, Food, and Shelter Assess Unmet Needs Provide Crisis Counseling Coordinate the Construction of Devastated Homes

What is our Top Priority?

An overwhelming response of love from this community and around the country has flooded the families that have been effected by this tornado. Volunteers have given hope to those affected by showing up on day one and moving debris from their homes. Churches and other...

Where are the Funds Going?

Donated funds will be utilized to provide permanent housing solutions for those individuals whose homes were severely damaged or destoyed. All funds will go to meet survivor needs.

How Can You Help?

Many of the residents in Columbia, MS were left with a pile of bricks and boards following the tornado. A large portion of those were without insurance or underinsured. Through the immediate recovery efforts of Columbia Strong’s coordination and volunteers, most...

Who will this impact?

Too many stories are out there to tell them all, but here are a few people that we would like for you meet: Meet Martha Martha Hall, 84 years old, and her daughter Martha Gardner were on their way to deliver Christmas pies when all of a sudden the ground seemed to...

When will we act?

Columbia Strong has been helping the community Recover, Restore, and Rebuild since the immediate aftermath of the storm. We are currently meeting immediate needs and planning to provide long term solutions.

Why Columbia Strong?

Most disasters like this end up leaving a town or city with the feeling of hopelessness, panic, fear, and uncertainty. Although many of the survivors do feel these emotions, Columbia Strong has linked arms and hearts to provide a sense of assurance, security, and hope...